Robert Dunscomb, BCH
Robert Dunscomb, Board Certified Hypnotist

National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Member

National Federation of Hypnotists Local 104 OPEIU AFL-CIO Union Member

    I am Robert Dunscomb, Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist.  

    My office in Poughkeepsie, in the heart of New York's beautiful Hudson Valley, has closed. Since 2002 it has been a pleasure and a real privilege to help ordinary everyday people deal with the ordinary, everyday problems of living.

    I'm leaving New York and moving to the Charlottesville area of Virginia to be closer to my family.  If things work out I will continue to see clients there, because this is very satisfying work and I would really miss it.

The storm has passed ...
    If you could just
        sit back ...
            and relax ...
                right now ...
                    how good would that feel?

-- Copyright 2013 Robert M Dunscomb --